Saturday, April 12, 2014

NaPoWriMo 2014 - day 12 - Sophia. Sophia. Sophia.

The Sunday before Sophia killed herself she told me I was beautiful
I was only a sophomore in high school
How was I supposed to handle being told I was beautiful
By a senior
By one of the prettiest girls I had ever known

I grew up with Sophia
We called her Sophie
Isn't that a sophisticated name

We sang in the choir together
She was a soprano
I was wherever I could hide out the best

How does a girl kill herself
And we never talk about it
How does a choir never sing about a girl's death
Jesus died
We sang about him

Were we supposed to forget
Was someone else supposed to lead Sophie's song
And no one say a word
Where does a high school prettiest girl get a gun
To shoot herself with in the head

It was May
We will never forget

What happened
What was wrong
Was something wrong

We sat in the back of the church
Near the soda machine
In the adult's Sunday school class
At the folding table
She told me I was beautiful

And then I never heard her voice again
What was I supposed to do with that

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