Saturday, April 19, 2014

NaPoWriMo 2014 - day 19 - Tangle

Everything was wonderful
Everything was perfect
There was only one problem
He was human

What would I do with human
Any creature with only two syllables
Would not be worth my swallow

I warned him
But he would not leave


So I reconsidered
Tasted him anyway
How delicious he was on my lick
How his eyes bulged beneath my teeth
How his lungs begged for more of my raspy

What pleasure it brought to me
I was human once
For what it's worth
I was rather bored
Spent most of my days angry and bitter at the sun
And the sound the moon made each morning
As she pretended to be asleep
I couldn't wait for my sentence to end
Though I knew I would return someday
And get the play I wanted

I wanted fuck and taste and sand down my throat

This time I am invisible when I want to be
O how I wished for invisible then
O how I wished for sky as complexion

Now I suck and eat and dream by night
And devour him bit by bit until he screams
I offered him escape
Over and over he refused

It is just like a human to look a woman
Large and dangerous as I
In the face and tail and teeth
And declare himself equal
A woman as fierce and invisible and present as I

I should fly away
I know
But he demands this tangle
Until the bitter end
So I swallow him
Slowly at first
Just as he has asked
But I am kind
And cannot see him squirm

Then I gulp him
What is left

(Note: The first stanza of this poem came from a writing prompt from Tchise Aje)

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