Sunday, April 20, 2014

NaPoWriMo 2014 - day 20 - Untitled

I pray a lot / for my mind and my self and my family and my son / and for all the boys / especially the black boys / especially the black girls / because I read and I know and I feel things and I can see through smoke / can you / can you see through smoke / can you read / are you blind / did the white bitch ask you why all these black women so bitter / did she ask you / what did you say / did you tell her about those boys hanging from trees / did you tell her about those girls in a ditch / did you ask her what she know about holding her breath while her baby just go walk the dog / did you ask / did she answer / did she tell you how color blind this world is now / did she try to out black bitch you because her man is black / did she / did she sing to you in that voice / did you tell her your conversation ain't a choir / did you / did she run down all the black friends she has / did you care her great granddaddy was native american / did you remind her that we ain't scared of the same things every day / did you / did you tell her all the rest you have to say

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