Tuesday, April 22, 2014

NaPoWriMo 2014 - day 22 - These. Heroes. Anyway.

Tell me about black babies
Tell me how lazy they are
Tell me about how easy it should be
To walk through war zones to get to school
You ever hide your books in a pizza box

Tell me about studying the Boston Tea Party
And neglecting the Black Panther Party
Tell me
Tell me about drive bys
Tell me how many guns you ever heard
Tell me about dead bodies you've seen
Tell me about going to school anyway

Tell me about spreading your clothes out for the next day
Tell me about how many red AND blue garments you wear
What do you know about being stepped to and patted down
By your own kind
By blue kind
By teacher kind

Tell me about not being believed

Tell me about looking over your shoulder to walk the dog
To run an errand
Tell me about not being able to run in white zones
Tell me about walking while black
Tell me
Tell me about being suspicious
Tell me about looking like the one
What one
That one
Why one
Tell me about looking like everyone who did it
What it
Tell me if there was really an it to be

Talk to me about helicopters
All hours of the night
Every minute of the day
Hovering above your school
Tell me
Tell me about the food you eat
How many McDonald's are on your corners
Two burgers for a dollar
Plastic fries for two
Soda for fifty cents on sale
Tell me why soda is always on sale

Tell me about black babies succeeding anyway
Tell me about math
Say we can't add
Convert ounces to pounds real quick in your head
Tell me about take aways
About time tables

About times and tables and hunger and depression
Tell me about how our babies soar anyway
Tell me about anyway

Talk to me about the ways we

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