Saturday, April 26, 2014

NaPoWriMo 2014 - day 26 - Fly. Robin. Fly.

I was picked second for relay races because I had long skinny legs and I could fly like a roller coaster / and if you could beat most of the boys in your class it didn't matter what number cutest you were because at the end of the day / the boys wanted to win

My ponytails would stretch back past my neck and the wind would flop my cheeks and back then slip on Vans were my favorite shoes and red was always my winning color / and sometimes I would take my shoes off and run in my bare feet because I did not have the option of getting holes in my socks because I wanted to win a relay race / nobody's mama could understand how important it was for a black girl like me to win races / I was an ordinary black girl with nappy hair and crooked legs and full lips / but I could fly / I could fly

My back was straight and arms were pumping and knees high / and I could zoom past the boys on my block / and then I wasn't ordinary anymore / I was fly / I was fly / and black girls like me were always looking for ways to be fly / for ways to fly / for reasons / for our turn / to fly

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