Monday, April 28, 2014

NaPoWriMo 2014 - day 28 - This right here

And then there are days when new bed linen is the best therapy / when thread count is the least of your worries and color is meaningless / only opening new packages and fitting sheets on your mattress and you notice how a new comforter changes a day / the whole day / the whole room / and you water your plants / even the orchid and cactus that thrive on neglect / and you eat Greek yogurt from Trader Joe's because you promised your doctor / and then you buy a book from the Goodwill on Crenshaw and the old lady with the white dress in front of you shouldn't have on red panties but that is not your business / and then you drive looking for the perfect spot to take the perfect picture of the sun / and you are not tired anymore somehow from a days work with high school students who talk too much when you want them to listen and don't speak at all when you want them to / and then you pay rent even though it's a week late and / then there is that moment when you are sitting on your bed / and your room is spotless / and work tomorrow will be work tomorrow but you still have tonight and / and you open a new book and you begin a new poem / and you breathe and allow your body to still and just know / that whatever this life is / this life is the life

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