Thursday, April 3, 2014

NaPoWriMo - day 3 - A run on. For Sabrina Fulton and other mothers when a t-shirt is not enough

Sabrina Fulton cannot carry her grief to the white woman at the phone company and explain that a man killed her son and got away with it because who cares about black boys anyway and even though the story is no longer on the news his picture is still on the coffee table next to the Bible and Vogue mags and bills and is it possible to get an extension on the mortgage and car payments because sleeping only on the couch for a month straight and going nowhere fast shouldn't cost as much anyway right but who understands this except someone who has tasted thorns for breakfast because the doctor said eat something and take something and try to get some sleep but who can sleep and think straight when every time eyes close floating Arizona tea cans grow monster ears and who can go outside and see teenagers wearing shirts that say they remember and they will never forget who can form sentences and why are mothers supposed to be this strong and pray this hard about black boys that are supposed to come home every night and not be shot down and killed our black boys and our black girls and where are our girls faces on shirts and why are shirts so necessary and dead babies are not fashion and our children are supposed to live and not die and this was not God's plan not all this what God would plan this what God would need an angel so badly it would have to take ours and these and how could anyone need a writing prompt when there are babies lives to save and streets to walk down and teachers to meet with and drug dealers to cuss out and hair to braid and women's bodies found dead in Atlanta and are white boys and girls needed in heaven too

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