Wednesday, April 9, 2014

NaPoWriMo day 9 - La La Laaaaa

Take all of this
These love psalms and other things I give
Take them 
Have them for free
What good are they to me

Take my hats
They are around here somewhere
Take my shoes and words
Take my life and leave me bare

I am a musician on a corner
Singing songs off key
I cannot hold a note
But I have the grandest memory

Look at my fingers 
Strum this fine guitar
I had a bag of pennies 
And box of quarters
Do you know where they are

Just leave me air to breathe
Water for me to drink
Have you seen my lover 
Waiting patiently in the park I think

He is tall and quiet 
With hands that play the drum
He will recite the sweetest lullaby 
If you ask him nicely to

Sometimes when we are home
On our barely furnished floor
He will pound a beat on the wall with his fists
And I will dance naked until the morning
And we never speak a word

What good are phrases and candles
To lights as bright as we
So take them 
Take it all
The milk only spoils
The flowers just wilt

Just leave me his arms
And some moments to myself
To sing off key on the corner
About good moan and partner and wealth

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