Friday, April 18, 2014

Nspire and village work!

Today my friend, Dietra, who also goes by the name Nspire (perfect for her) was such an example of community and village. Not just today, she always is. Her simple acts of her just being herself often bring me to tears. Today we were in the store and a woman in a motor chair who could not speak beyond the grunt she struggled through was with her six years old son. Her son was pushing the basket in front of her. At some point the son sped up ahead of his mother with the basket and went far beyond her view. I went to bring the son back and the Nspire, who is well trained in dealing with children, lovingly spoke to him about staying with his mom and obeying her. I watched them pinky swear and high five an agreement. I watched him look into her caring eyes in a way that he may have never stared into eyes before. Then she spoke to the mother and interacted with her with such easy and great respect. As the mother could not move her limbs, Nspire put her card in her shirt and another card in the son's pocket and told her to have him call if she wanted her help.

This is village. This is community. This is our work. This, right here. This is being...there for each other. With all of everything within me I am thankful for Nspire and our friendship. I am thankful for women like her. Women who give hope and salt to this world.

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