Sunday, April 20, 2014

The betrayal

He spoke in his sleep
Sound like clicks and songs
I would stare and listen

He was black and shiny as a marble
I fell for him like a shoe
I should have known then

I hated shiny motherfuckers
Who wore creased blue jeans and church sandals
But I was hungry
And didn't know the difference between a hot dog and steak

We called him Moo
He was tall as the bathroom
I could hear his head hit the ceiling
Every time he flushed
Had a scar on his cheek
He explained a different way every time I asked
So I stopped
Damn if I dared to ask about his missing pinky finger

I didn't realize how loud he chewed his food
Until one day it dawned on me he stopped eating
Same goddamn time my money kept comin' up missing
Asshole kept fussin' at me about missing condoms to take attention off him

Trouble knocked on my door
That's what he said his name was
Said if I know what's good
I would send that booty scratcher packin' else
I had it coming to me too

What I know about dilated pupils and skinny dudes
Pacing back and forth on my wood floors
Motherfucker told me he was sick
And why shouldn't I believe him
Crazy as he was

Till one day he smash the windows
Of the house next door looking for money for medicine
Then I knew what kind of fool I was
And what the fuck I had to do

I laughed like something was funny and told him
Baby, come back to bed
And plotted how I was gone send him to hell or back to Nigeria

Wouldn't you know he wouldn't go to sleep
After I wasted all that good time and pussy
Stared at me like I was the next pipe he'd smoke
Then Trouble came

Come knocking on the door like he promised
Then me, naked and scared between them
Hoping Trouble had a gun to shoot this man I used to love
Man I loved was gone a long time ago and I didn't even know
This wasn't nobody I knew before me
This was a pile of powder ready to acid my life

I stood there scared to go shit
And Moo scared to move makin' promises and tellin' lies
Like Trouble got time for tongue

Then just as fast Trouble pull a screwdriver out his pocket
Demand his goddamn money or both our lives

All a sudden Moo was lyin' there floppin' on my floor
Drowin' in his own blood
And wasn't nothin' left between me and Trouble
And fuck Moo for dying on my floor
Fuck Moo for disappearing a long time ago
While his body sleep in my bed and watch my cable

Moo down there slippery and blue
And wasn't nothin' to be mad at no more
Nothin' to be mad at in the first place
He ain't never protected me from no kinda trouble noway

Whatever you gon do
You may as well gon and do
You think I'm scared to die
That's what I told him, knowin' it was a lie

Let's see
He say
Let's see

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