Sunday, January 11, 2015

A poem a day for 2015 - day 11 - Scene

I am not a fan of scary movies. On the rare times I watch
them I find myself screaming at the screen. "Stop! That's
the wrong door! The man is coming to kill you!" And then
I stop because screaming at a screen is stupid. The soon
to be dead actress has made more money pretending
to die than I will make living all year.

I imagine my life is a movie. Angels with buttered popcorn
screaming at the screen. "Stop! Don't take that job! Don't eat that!
Turn left!" How much can I hear? I almost fell asleep at the wheel
on the 10 freeway and just in time I heard someone calling my
name. I wonder if it were the angels screaming. I like to believe
they were.

In the mornings I pray when I wake up. I am thankful
to see another day. I am grateful for my sanity and
shelter and eggs and family and friends and clothing.
I am hopeful for ears clear enough to hear the angels.
For a heart wise enough to know.

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