Saturday, January 3, 2015

A poem a day for 2015 - day 3 - This love like this

I want a love that does not seek to own me
But is big enough to

A love that does not remind me of its presence
Or absence

I want a love with hands
That reach to hold my hunger
A mouth that carves my name into myself
When I forget
Because I forget
I am forgetful

With my remembering self

I want a love with tongue
With throat
Lungs that taste my teeth
Hear these words I whisper

I want a love with feet
Toes nerve enough to dance

I love to dance
Early into the morning
Long and slow
Like kiss and thunder and boiling water and burning sage

Love me with nose
Scent me before sight

Put elbows into this love
See how round and round I scrub
Love me like that
With thighs and knees and torso and calves

I will love with all of my back
If you promise smile and pinky and promise

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