Sunday, February 1, 2015

A poem a day for 2015 - day 32 - See you

Remember pink
You brought me pink flowers 
And I smiled 'cause they brightened my moment
Like recess 
Because you ain't a flowers guy
You said
You said you was pizza and family
You was blue and potatoes and 
A real man
You said you was a real man
Like muscles make you man
Like blue jeans make you raw
You said you was raised by your daddy
Like your mama wasn't there

I watched you sleep
You so boy when you sleep
You so noise and hum and baby
You so baby I'm for real
You make me sing
You make me sing songs I don't sing

I don't sing
I tell stories instead
Remember you listened to my stories
Remember your head in your palms
Your gasp at my tales
Remember you told me yours
Remember secrets you shared
I know now
You cannot untell me 

I remember
That day 
Those days
How man you are
How you never had to tell me
But you told me anyway
I remember 
Like forget is even possible
You a movie on rewind
When days don't go so well
I remember


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