Wednesday, April 1, 2015

A poem a day for 2015 - day 91 - Like this moment

I appreciate moments precious as these
As dropping my niece off at school
Hearing her say I love you as she jumps out of the car
Hearing myself respond I love you too
Saying prayers for my son
Giving thanks for my friends and family
Tying my shoe
Eating my food
Locking my door
These are the moments
I take for granted
These are the moments I try not to take for granted

This breath
And then this

A month ago my son and niece and nephew could
Walk down Santa Fe and buy a burger and walk the dog
But a boy was killed over there
Too close to home
A black boy
A black boy was killed
A black boy was stabbed to death
Too close to home

I should have appreciated those moments then
When they could walk down the street without stepping over
A black boy's blood

But there is now
There are moments now
Like I love yous
Like family
Like movies and memories
Like love
Like now

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