Saturday, April 4, 2015

A poem a day for 2015 - day 94 - For Deja

Sitting with my niece the night before her birthday
We are laughing and watching Modern Family
We playfully argue about whose show this is
It's mine
Modern Family is my show
Tonight she can win though
She turns fourteen tomorrow
She can win
It's true what they say about time and how fast it goes by
She was just born yesterday
Today she is almost as tall as I
She is a dedicated basketball and soccer player
She usually gets straight a's on her report cards
And she's sweet
I'm gushing over my niece
And she deserves it
Did I tell you how beautiful she is
She is beautiful
And growing so fast
She combs her own hair
I remember when my sister would put ponytails all over her head with colorful barrettes
Now she wears braids down her back or a bun on top of her head
She will be fourteen years old tomorrow
April fifth. Fifth
When she was a little girl she couldn't say fifth so she said pif
April pif
Deja's birthday will always be April pif
Fourteen years old 

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