Monday, April 20, 2015

A poem a day for 2015 - for day 104 - For you

I will meet you there
In the place where the clouds are low
I will be
I will sit
Ears like valleys
I will talk with you
When you want to hear stories
I can tell stories
About nothing
About no things
I can tell stories about world
And blue
And skies
And spring
I am not afraid of your clouds
I have my own
I will sit
I will listen
I will give
And poems
About bridges
Do you like bridges
Way they take us from here to there
Did you know that there is not somewhere else
Only another here
I will listen
And talk
And make here
And rainbow
I know how to be a friend
I know how to be an ear
A shoulder
Feet and legs
I know how to be a friendly smile

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