Monday, May 4, 2015

A poem a day for 2015 - for day 107 - This me

There is a method to all of this me I call myself
I fold the washcloths first
Then towels
Then I hang the shirts and all the rest
I wake up early
Then I try to go back to sleep
I am successful sometimes
Sometimes I am not
I help where I can
I forget to save energy for myself
I spend hours alone
I like to be alone
Sometimes I need others around
I drive to my mother's house and crawl in her bed
We listen to books on tape and love each other
We talk and laugh like mother and daughter
Like friends
I pray for my son
All the time
All the time I pray
For my son, my nephew and niece
For my children
And your children too
I write poetry
And musings
And lists
I write lists
I pray
I pray
Will you pray for me too
I shower
I make my bed every day
I brush my teeth last
I don't know why
I dust furniture and wash dishes
I wash dishes
And dishes
I paint my nails
Always too late
After they have well chipped
I don't know why
I cry
I cry
I laugh
I say I love you
I write
I write
I tell stories
About you
About me

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