Monday, May 11, 2015

Celebrating Mother's Day

Yesterday was a day good memories are made of. I picked Uraeus up Saturday morning and we stayed with my family in Long Beach. We woke up early Sunday morning and went to church together. My nephew was singing in the men's choir to celebrate Mother's Day. Even my Uncle John was there.  After church we went home and while my sister and I cleaned and rearranged my mother's  room (while she and my uncle went to her church) my brother in law barbecued and my sister cooked. He prepared a great feast. I also took some great pictures of my nephew and son. Uraeus, Reuben, my niece Deja and a friend of our family, Migena were in the room playing video games and enjoying each other's company. Migena's mother, Connie, also a friend of the family was there.then my aunt, uncle and cousin came over. My aunt called from Georgia and we got to talk to her and two more uncles. My mother was pleased with her room and we were all happy with each other, yesterday was peace and laughter and so much food and fun.

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