Monday, June 1, 2015

It's 4:16 pm on Monday and I am parked on some street near USC preparing for class. I'm also the class guest for tonight. Hiram called me last night and asked if I would do it and I agreed. It works out. It works out because I am behind on my class fees and tonight's pay will cover a month. It also works because the space to read my work is good. I was introduced to this class last year when I was the class guest. Both the audience and experience were great. It is weird a little to be the guest in a class I already attend. But whatever. I'm happy about it. As I am happy about this day.

This morning, my mother, Uraeus and I went to College to register Uraeus. It went well. We even went to the bookstore because my mother wanted a t-shirt. She didn't get one, but Uraeus got a cap with the name of the school across.

This new chapter will be exciting, I expect. I love having him in my home every day. Our home. The space for conversations, the space for quiet, the space for redecorating and making new room, the space for new energy. For love and company. I don't have much, but whatever I have is his. But I do, I have much. I have much because I have so much love and patience. I have wisdom and talent and experience. I have words and poems and stories. I have God and prayers and angels. I have to remind myself. I have to keep reminding myself.

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