Wednesday, July 1, 2015

A poem a day for 2015 - for day 138 - Burning churches

Churches burning down
Crosses on the lawns
Parishioners wail and scream and pray
Churches get rebuilt
Brick by brick
Dollar by dollar
Churches burning down
Boys and girls get baptized
In the river
In the pool
Ain't gon study war no more
Deacon prays
The ushers find the seats
Rebel flags wave
Churches burning down
Fire through the roof
The roof, the roof
Roof fired shots
Nine in Charleston dead
Pastor too
Nine souls dead
Churches burning down
Did you hear the president sing
Amazing grace
Amazing grace
Ain't no wretches here
Just us faithful
Just us Bible studying few
Churches burning down
This will not make the news
This is not news
This is old business back again
Fox will not report
Churches burning down
Folks are too worried
About men marrying men
Women kissing women
Is bigger news than
Churches burning down
To the ground
Churches are home
Churches are safe space
Home base
Churches are time machines
Churches burning down
Are earthquakes
Going to church is a revolutionary act
These days

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