Friday, July 10, 2015

A poem a day for 2015 - for day 142 - Running

We are running on fumes
Looks like faith
Looks like fire
Looks like feet
Looks like funerals
Double Dutching
Tap tap
Tap tap
Taptap taptap

We are living on fumes
We need water
And rest
And healthy babies
And food

We thank You, Lord
We clap hand and sing Your name
Look at this air
This new breath
These hands these legs marching so much
These fists to fight with and pray

We so full of thank You
We so full of questions
Like when, Lord
Like how long, Lord
Like the rent
Like lights
Like when time to laugh and play
Laugh and play
Like when time to love, Lord
Love on each other
Love on ourselves
Love up on You and all You created

We running, Lord
We spend so much time running, Lord
Running and spinning
Washing and working and waving hands
And drying tears and reaching out to give and get a helping hand

We listenin', Lord
We listenin'
We tryin', Lord
We tryin'

Hear these songs of freedom we sing
About faith and joy
See us trying to hold onto hope
Smell the incense we burn
Smell the clothes we wash
See the hands we clap so fast and free
See Your people out here in these streets

We so Sunday
We so hallelujah
We so dying in these streets too, Lord
We know You see
We got so many questions
Confused almost all the time
Can't hardly pray our way through

We standing in lines, Lord
Payday loans and pawn shops and food lines
And we tithing too
With these shiny pennies we got

Show us the way, Lord
We dancing on a dime, Lord
Jump roping to the beat
Have mercy, Lord
Give us rest for these feet

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