Sunday, July 12, 2015

More family business - from Women in The Village

Well sure I think it's a cryin' shame what happened. What child of God that's been through the fire and baptized in holy water don't think that. But 'cause I think it's a shame don't mean that justice ain't been served. Of course true indeed justice ain't never gon be served. Not really. How could it ever be? He was my baby. He was a grown man but they don't never stop bein' yo babies do they? Can't no smelly gas never pay for that.

I just have one son left and I don't even know if I have him left. He always have thought he was too good for us. Now after everything, he don't have nothin' to do with me. Not nothin'. Maybe he blame me. Grown kids do that you know. When some things in they life don't go right they quick to blame guess who? The mama. The very one who did everything she could to make sure they have a good life to grow up and enjoy.

Ryan didn't have nothin' to do with what happened to Tweet. Sure, it was a horrible, horrible, awful thing, but it wasn't by my baby's hands. He knew that no one would believe him so he left. What else was he gon do? Stay here and go to jail for a awful crime that he didn't commit? he got better sense than that. It just ain't nothin' left to say about it. Not now. Maybe not never.

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