Friday, July 17, 2015

Tale of a black woman going through the change of life - from Women in The Village

There are things a woman thinks about
When she is dying
Don't ask me how I know
She think about water mostly
How it tickle your face
As it rise above your neck

She think about music
Long slow deep southern gospel

She remember the sweet Jesus
Her grandmother knew
Whether she can hold a tune or no
She sing from bottom belly

She find her tribe with those sounds
Groaning moaning feel good don't feel good
Make you better healing sounds
Long and drawn out

A dying woman think about
The times she stood still
She remember the moss and vines
Growing between her toes
In that moment she is moved to move
She is compelled to love and break free
Of her chains she tied around her own neck
She know better now

She know now that safe ain't so safe
Roses ain't always so sweet like she thought

A young woman being still and safe
Might start to think a chokehold is a soft caress
And it ain't

A shackle is a shackle
And a kiss is a kiss
But what do young safe living women know

This dying I'm doing is good for me
Letting be dead my yesterday
And walking big footed into tomorrow

I don't know what's out there for me
I just trust God to know the world She created
I believe the clouds can hold me like they promise

There are things a woman thinks about
When she know tomorrow is coming

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