Monday, October 12, 2015

It's 1:44 pm and I am at home. This bout of depression is lasting longer than is comfortable for me. Thank God for prayer. For constant communication with God, the only being I know to whom I am able to communicate my feelings. I am not sad. Depression is not sadness. I am low. My energy, my desire to do much...low. I congratulate myself on the simplest things, making the bed, brushing my teeth, getting in the shower. All that. This morning I walked to the gym, stayed a short time then walked back home. That was good for me. Especially since I didn't get out of the apartment at all yesterday.

I'm teaching a fiction class tonight. My car is still in the shop so I'll be catching the bus to USC. But that's cool. Thankfully I'll catch a ride home with Penelope after class. I'm getting ready for the class now. Getting my energy. Getting my get up. Come on get up, come on.

Still I am thankful. Thankful for waking up this morning. Thankful for the strength I have. For my health and the health and safety of my son, my family. May this class go well tonight and the energy I need show up.

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