Sunday, November 1, 2015

12:17 pm. A beautiful Sunday afternoon. I am thankful for waking up this morning. I am sending love, peace and prayers for the family of Derrick "D Knowledge" Gilbert who passed away this morning at the age of forty-five. May D rest in peace. I am glad I got to see him again before he passed. Life is so precious. I know this.

I am also thankful for my aunt Janice visiting with Uraeus and me yesterday. We had a good time reconnecting. Talking, laughing, sharing stories and smiles.

Today I am going to see Thandie Newton, Zoe Kravitz and Eve Ensler in a play called Say Her Name about black women who are abused and killed in police brutality. Gina Loring and I are going together and I expect we will enjoy each others company catching up.

Uraeus is busy with homework. I'm really proud of how he is handling his college classes.

Again, this is a beautiful Sunday and I have a ton of papers to grade and perhaps I'll get to some of them today. Whatever I do, I plan to make it a good day. A nap first before anything because I didn't sleep well last night. But the goal is a good day nonetheless.

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