Wednesday, April 6, 2016

It's 3:29 pm and I am at home. I took Uraeus to school this morning, went to Starbucks and got the car washed. Other than that I've been home all day. I needed the rest. Plenty of rest is needed for the anxiety but not too much. Too much is bad for the depression. Anyway, I'm up now. I'm going to Reuben's basketball banquet tonight. I'm proud of my nephew. It's in Long Beach and the family is going and I love family outings.

I need to post my poem for napowrimo today. I don't like the poem I'm about to post. In fact, I haven't liked any of them I've posted since the month started. I'm being patient with myself, there are plenty more days to go. Time for me to jump in the shower.

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