Thursday, April 7, 2016

It's 9:29 am and I am sitting in my car across the street from school. I just finished teaching my first period class and now I'm waiting for fourth period. Class was easy because it was lab day. They are working on the rough draft of their poems. Their is a senior assembly fourth period so I won't have much time with them.

There is a store on Melrose Ave where they buy gently used Jordan's. My nephew asked me to take in a pair of his shoes. His strict instructions to me were to walk away if they offer less than $80. Shoes cost so much. I'm so thankful Uraeus was never into Jordan's. It's only 9:40 and the stores don't open until 10 so I'm chillin' with KDAY until then or maybe I'll just go after fourth period.

Hopefully the poem for today will come to me. I need to be reading more. Hiram lent me a collection of short stories by Jhumpa Lahiri called Interpreter of Maladies. I think it's her first. She's the subject of the lesson I'm teaching at CLI this Monday and I've only read one story so far. Gonna get on it though.

I'm going to Palmdale tomorrow to shoot my cousin's prom party. Sage is lending me his camera because mine is in the pawn shop right now. Hey, it happens. But thank God for good friends who are willing to lend cameras.

1:09. Home.

Got the camera from Sage. He also gave me the gift of a large canvas to paint on. I need to get back to painting and this just might be the inspiration I need.

I still haven't thought of the poem I'm going to write today. It'll come. It always does. I just hope I like this one.

I made the appointment for Uraeus to see the doctor today. His knee has been bothering him. Thankfully they had an opening today.

7:29. Home.

Ready to get this poem out.

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