Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Napowrimo day 5 of 30 - A boy a cat a walk to school

I was nine, my sister five and we were walking up Delta Ave. to John Muir Elementary School
We had barely crossed the street from our home when we saw a boy my age holding a cat by the neck
Squeezing harder and harder
We saw the cat's eyes get bigger and bigger like soon they would pop out of the sockets
We were frozen, my sister and I
Suddenly the boy slammed the cat on the ground
The cat sprang away so fast like it was never there
But it was there
That did happen

I think about that boy from time to time
I wonder if he remembers that day
Like who could forget
I wonder what kind of hurt did he have to hurt a cat and scare two girls like that
A cat
A cat
What kind of fun
What kind of a game
What kind of pain

I have hope though
That the boy who almost killed a cat in front of my sister and me
Has somehow adjusted well in the world
That he has healed from his own pain and is
Love in the world
That he has a lover and maybe some children
That he has forgiven himself and others who hurt him
I have hope though
That he can see a small animal and pet
Just pet

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