Monday, May 9, 2016

It's 1:47 pm and I am at home. Yesterday was Mother's Day and I had a beautiful day. Uraeus and I met my mom, Roshann, Reuben and Deja at church. It was good all being there together. We stopped beforehand and picked up flowers to bring to her at church. She appreciated them. Uraeus also bought me flowers. He was sweet the whole day. He is anyway. After church Roshann and Deja cooked and Donald barbequed. We ate and watched two movies all together gathered cozily in the living room. It was beautiful. Uraeus and I spent the night and I took him to school this morning. I loved it. I slept in the room with my mother and we listened to a book on tape, which is what we usually do when I spend the night. Lovely.

Although I had a good time this Mother's Day my heart was still with Dietra who lost her mother on the 5th just before Mother's Day. Today they are having her body cremated and are gathered together for a final goodbye to her body. I don't know that kind of pain and loss. I don't want to know it. She and her family are in my thoughts and prayers today and they were yesterday. Because of what she is going through I spent much of yesterday just appreciating that I still have my mother and am able to talk to her and share with her when I want to. I know that life is life but I never want that to end.

So I send love to all those who don't have their mothers and may experience Mother's Day as a sad experience. To those of you who do have your mothers I hope you appreciate them.

Love y'all.

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