Wednesday, August 31, 2016

It's 5:50pm and I am at home right now with Uraeus. He's working on his tablet and I'm posting photos of my mother on my Facebook. Well, I was anyway. I haven't visited this blog in a while and thought I'd do so today. I'm on my way out to the World Stage with V but I have about forty-five minutes before I leave.

I didn't do much today but study for this life insurance test I'm taking next week. Hopefully I'll pass the first time. If I don't it sure won't be because I didn't study for it. I studied and slept today. My doctor told me that when I'm feeling a certain way (a certain way) to take more of the lithium and Prozac. And I have been feeling that way (that way) so I took one more than was prescribed of each plus one more sleeping pill. I did sleep well, the pills just have me sleep too much and I don't like that. I can hardly get anything done and too much sleep leads to depression for me (that certain way).

My birthday is coming up soon and what I really want besides world piece and happiness for my son and family is my cable bill paid, a full tank of gas and some money for some more groceries. That would be nice. Oh, and a chance to take as many pictures as I want of my son.  He doesn't like me to take so many photos of him. Yes, that would be nice. I'm praying I'm happy on my birthday. I need happiness. In my fantasy world I have someone coming in to clean my place for me  for my birthday, but that ain't happening.

Anyway, back to studying. Promise I won't stay away so long.

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