Friday, September 16, 2016

It's 3:53pm and I am at home. Uraeus is here too. We are doing our own things. I got in about noon. I stayed at my mom's house because on Wednesday I went down there to spend the night and go with her to a diabetes class early the next morning. We went to the class then went to the grocery store afterwards to fill up on healthy things she could eat. We went back home to put the groceries away then went back out to go see a movie. We saw When the bough breaks with Morris Chestnut and Regina Hall. It was a good movie. Neither of us liked the ending. But the ending was not the point. The point was getting my mom out of the house and we did that. Between my sister and me we are keeping her busy plus her own schedule. We are both determined that she not spend days in bed during this retirement. Today she is working at the school where my sister works. She does some kind of work in the office for a few hours.

Keeping my mother busy keeps me busy too. I need to be out too. Plus, I love spending time with my mother. Last night we laid in bed and watched old episodes of Orange is the New Black and laughed.

Tonight I'm going to a play with Myshel and Kay. I forgot what it's called, but something playing at the Kirk Douglas Theatre. It should be a good time.

My test is coming up on Monday so I have to put in some more study time. I really hope I pass this test. I'll let you know.

Love yourselves.

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