Friday, September 9, 2016

It's 8:11pm and I am at home. I spent most of the day studying for my life insurance test scheduled for next week. That's what I've got going now. My old job sent me a text saying that I could have my old schools and same classes but at half the rate! Who can do that? Had something to do with budget cuts. All I know is I needed two other jobs on top of that one to work there. I can't possibly do all that work for half my salary. It came at an ok time because I was really blessed at the last WP and was able to pay my rent for four months. I have to start paying again next month. Hopefully I pass this test and start making some money.  So that's my story. In the meantime I'm thanking God for everything I think I need.

So I've already taken my meds and am ready to go to bed. I have a training meeting in the morning. Glad about that because I need something to pull me out of this apartment.

Anyway, love yourselves.

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