Saturday, January 14, 2017

A poem a week for 2017 - week 2 - Dear Valerie

I wish you joy on your day
So much joy you hold it in your hands
And it becomes hot
Like words
Like breath
Like steam
I wish you steam

I wish you rivers that run down your back
You scream like rainbow
Like hot grits
Like bills paid and memories of your dear mother

I wish you smiles so hurt
Your belly shakes
Your voice quivers
Your eyes tear
I wish you tears
From laughter
From friends
From tickle
From love
I wish you love

You and God know how you want to be loved
I wish you that kind of love
That kind
Neck rubs and massages
Scripture and whisper
Have the love of your dreams
Have the love of your knowing

O the ways you have taught us to dance
So fierce
So fists waving
So roar
So free
Thank you
Did we ever thank you

I wish you poems
That rhyme
And remind you to sing
So angel
So loud
So southern
So God

I wish you God
Her hands and breasts and lap
Holding you through fire and rain
Over valleys and fog

May you have ears on your day
That listen you large
And know you well
And tongues
Tongues that tell you how loved you are
How special
How big
How grand
How wonderful

I wish you wonderful
I love you dearly

Happy birthday