Saturday, January 21, 2017

A poem a week for 2017 - week 3 - So woman

Make way for this flesh so bold
These hands so righteous they hold freedom like blood
I have figured out who I am
Can you fly
Can you easy like cloud in sky
I woman dangerously
I woman with my feet
Stepping toward justice every mile
There is prayer in these veins
Heat in this tongue
Watch me call her name and his
Listen to me chant over blood dripping in the street
I am a magic woman

I'm so woman
I'm so own my body my mind
My choice my faults
I am a body of water ready to wave
I am a flicker a flame lighting the way

I am shine from the moon
I cannot unsee what I've seen
I cannot unknow what I've heard

My knees bend to the sky
Thighs so strong and steady
Belly holds my babies heads
I am a revolution
I sister so many ways
Way I love and forgive
Bake bread and remember
I am mother too
Babies come through my walls like messengers
These arms around your shoulders
These fingertips wipe away tears
I am a friend
I am lover and daughter
Wind and rainbow
Look into these eyes and know I am

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