Wednesday, January 25, 2017

It's 12:34 am and I am at home. Been home now for a few hours from a meeting. I am ready for bed but there are words that need to be released before I do. So here I am. With nothing in particular to say. Just here.

I lost my phone yesterday and I have never lost a phone before. At first I felt really disconnected from the world. That's so dramatic but that's how I felt. Disconnected. Thankfully there is Facebook and email where I can still reach out and others and reach me. Not the same as a phone though. I intended to gift myself with a new phone when my V-Day check came but other things like bills were more important. Now I don't the money and have to get a new one. Anyway, me and my first world problems. A phone will come and I will deal.

I'm going to fiddle around online a little while longer then get some rest. I have a morning meeting I need to be good for. I hope you all are loving yourselves. I really do.

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