Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Depression is like menstrual cramps. You are happy and feel good the day after the last day because you are not bleeding and hurting but you know in the back of your being that free aint free. That the cramps will come again. The clouds will form. You just have to feel good while you feel good. And love that. Like really love that. You just have to know that the love you give yourself while you feel good will do you some good when you have no energy to love yourself like you should during the storm.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Venela Flagg and I went to see Wyatt Underwood today. He's in a nursing facility which means that he's too well to be in a hospital but not well enough to go home. It was good to see him. Send him your love and prayers and let him know how much we miss him and Linda. Also, he said to let everyone know that he's doing "better than awful." Actually he looks good. Smiling that smile and laughing. Send him some love.

Monday, May 8, 2017

Today I am not depressed. Not lost under a mound of covers and life too demanding wondering if I will have will enough to survive. Not longing for death or poison or pills or gun. God please bless my soul.
Today I am at the beach. Walking on this overcast day. I sipped the sun through a straw. The sadness may return but today I am here. I am enough. A freckled freak show. A beautiful. Today I am a palm tree. A flower. A flame.
Today I am thankful for those who held my head ...when I couldn't lift it to sky. For those who prayed for me when I could not breathe for myself. For the calls the words the love. Today I am a butterfly. A glass of Merlot. Today I am rent paid. A Christmas tree. A new red journal. A pen. I am car washed and floor cleaned. I am dishes put away. Don't come for me. You are not ready. I am a poet.
Today I am Tupac and Mahalia Jackson. I am the blues. Bless this bipolar heart. Bless this lithium this lorazapam this prozac.
Today I am a wish. A ready. A still. A story. A flicker. Pray saints. Hold your hands my way. That should the clouds form again I will live to see another day.
Today I am a whisper. A kiss. A tongue. Today I am a breast being sucked. A haircut. A pedicure. Today I am a green light. A hoodrat a queen. Today I am black thongs and matching shoes. Today I am in these streets trying to function. Today you can't tell me nothin'. Wipe your shoes before you come past my door.
There are days I doubt I will see the next but today I am a forever. A tattoo. I am a knowing. A rock. A river.