Sunday, August 9, 2009

About her (from Bubba's journal - Sunday, April 3, 1994)

Her proper and legitimate, albeit "underhanded," appeal to me for assistance was avoided. By avoiding it, it has become inflated and thus more problematic. Requiring, initially, a mere acknowledgement and explanation, it now consequently, demands acknowledgement, explanation, and apology.

The problem was, is and will be, if not corrected, one of communication (or the lack of it.) Although she is convinced that she is denied equal time to express her views, the opposite is true. She simply is unaware of just how much time she uses to repeat her points. Because I do consume considerable time to make my points, I am reluctant to interrupt her while she overstates her points, not wanted to appear to be hogging the conversation, or to injure her feelings.

We can no longer afford this luxury. What needs to be said from now on will be said when it is supposed to be said. If it should appear that she is being deprived of equal time, so be it. If her feelings should unavoidably be injured, we'll have to work on toughening them up.

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