Sunday, August 9, 2009

Dear President Clinton (from Bubba's journal - Wednesday, July 6, 1994)

My name is Robert Davis. I am a devout, life-long Democrat. And as such, you received my vote in 1992. Like many with whom I've talked, I am profoundly disappointed in a number of the policies that your administration has established, both domestically and in foreign affairs. I am thoroughly disgusted with your handling of Bosnia.

Please believe me; great restraint is being exercised here to limit the scope of my criticism, and to keep it civil.

This morning, on CBS television, I heard that in the latest peace proposal, the Serbs were being warned by Russia to accept 50% of Bosnia's territory or risk facing a Bosnia no longer handcuffed by the arms embargo. I hold you personally responsible for rendering Bosnians helplessly at the mercy of the murdering Serbs.

I am not a Bosnian. In fact, I am an African American-not that that makes a whit of difference. I really do not know how to convey the depth of my outage to you. Never have i felt compelled to write and express myself to an elected official about an issue. I have always doubted, and do now, that that official would ever even be made aware of the fact that I had written to him.

Your Bosnian policy challenges my party loyalty. I, for the life of me, cannot begin to understand why you have not, and do not press for the lifting of this insane arms embargo.


Robert Davis

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