Sunday, August 9, 2009

Prayer (from Bubba's journal)

The $64,000 question is "Does it work?" Most logical answer to me is "Who knows?" The answer that one will get will depend largely on who has been asked.

What I find interesting is that nearly, if not 100% of those who have had direct experience with prayer situations, at the very least, have developed a healthy respect for the power of prayer. When one gets right down to it, it is quite rare to encounter an individual who will outright denounce the power of prayer. Should one thus enhance his respect for this little discussed, very private, human activity?

If it works, how does it work?

We can begin by assuming that what one prays for has worked, or is working, its way to the top of that person's list of priorities, which means that the "lion's share" of his quality, creative, attention and energy will then be focused on that problem, desire, or need. This situation will be receiving this individuals very best efforts; better even than he is aware of being capable of exerting; for he has enlisted assets that he has forgotten that he possesses, assets and talents that habitually lie dormant, untapped; and when activated, triggers such responses in others that gives the appearance of being miraculous.

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