Thursday, October 8, 2009

My mission statement

It is my belief that we are each blessed with specific talents. With these gifts, it is our oppurtunity to bless the world and make it a better place. I have always been an artist. I am a visual artist as well as a poet, which is why I use inspirational messages on my canvases.

It is my mission to continuously say yes to God's call and produce art that inspires, educates and challenges. What is art it it does not at least do that? The challenge also to me. I call myself to see the world through filters of love. By doing this, I agree to release judgments, move beyond any feat that may arise and soar to the heights I see in my dreams. I am constantly visualizing the world and my art in a better place. When we all see hope, freedom, love and the realization that it is not our job to do more than we are doing, rather, be all of who we already are, then I have fulfilled my mission.

In responding to the call to be who I am, I had to recognize that the Most High Spirit is always living through me, even through my art. It is in this light that I say my art is alive. I had to remembe this through my daily, monthly, yearly challenges of the very everyday of life. And yes, there are times that I fall prey to times that seem hard. Then I remember who called me and what my job is. Through each adventure, I find myself on the other side of the mountain. I recognize that there are no obstacles, only lessons for me to learn.

My art is from the heart, the spirit, the flesh, the bones, blood, yesterday, the now.

God is the Source of all of my supply
All of my needs have already been met
I am art and poetry
Music and mother
More than water and daughter
Beyond lover adn breath
I am that I am
Teacher and student
Mountain and tears
Laughter and valley
I am the abundance that God is
As God is God through me
And always always I am beautiful
I live in the glad surprise

Jaha Zainabu

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