Sunday, December 6, 2009

Dear Uraeus #13

The lesson is to breathe and keep breathing
To know that the answers are already there
To stay right in the moment
To use what God has already given you
To keep developing the idea
Keep moving forward
Keep visualizing
Keep seeing it bigger than it is
Keep taking the next small step
Keep smiling through it
Keep claiming the victory

Know that this is your lesson
This is your blessing
This is your choice
Keep God in it completely

Keep being a blessing to others
Stay on the path that God has laid out
Recognize God's voice when you hear it
Find your quiet place
Listen for instructions

There is only one you
You and God are the majority
You only need God's approval
You only need God's blessing

What looks like a problem is an opportunity
You will move beyond it
Always be in prayer

God is always with you
Trust that
Eat well
Drink water
Rest well

Love, Mom

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