Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Dear Pam

I remember years ago one night we were all outside of The World Stage hanging out after the poetry. I don't remember everyone there, but I was there. You were there. Don't remember how the conversation came up but I asked why I was so stuck. With people, work, life. The question was rhetorical but you answered it with the fireceness of a Goddess. With pointed finger, as my memory has it, you said "because you are a chooser and you keep allowing yourself to be chosen. And you keep allowing yourself to be chosen by people who are not choosers."

With quick reflection it was clear. I do do that. If not out loud, at least to myself. "You wanna date meeee????" "You wanna hire meee???" ...

These days, when I'm off my center I remember that conversation. Revelation. Then the questions come. Where am I not choosing? Where am I not honoring myself? Where am I not being responsible for me? And then I am clear.

This note is just to say, THANK YOU.

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