Sunday, May 16, 2010

Games worth playing

1. Go throughout the whole day without saying anything bad about yourself, even (especically) as a "joke".

2. Think of the person you are most angry with and accept that there is something about their side of the story that you don't know.

3. Think of the person you are angry with and be in a race to forgive first.

4. See God in everyone you meet.

5. In a conversation be the one who listens the longest.

6. When you think of the people you struggle to get along with, consider how it feels to be them dealing with you.

7. Before you begin the next confrontation, think about something you did, something you said, (however small) that has contributed to the situation being as it is.

8. Yes, you've made mistakes in the past, forgive yourself and relate to yourself as the person you are, not the person you were.

9. Before you complain, be thankful for three things first.

10. The next time you are confronted, breathe, smile (if only on the inside) before you speak.

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