Wednesday, June 2, 2010


I got up early this morning. In prayer. Always in prayer. In poetry. Always in poetry. My life, my friends tell me, is a poem. One long poem. This blog, I'm sure, is a reflection of such poetry. It's rhythm and choppy sentences. This space for me serves many purposes in my life. To clear my head in the morning, to keep me writing to the world. My journals for now are off limits, at least to the whole world. This space also serves as the hole in the ground I reserve to put my thoughts, concerns, cares, worries, expressions of joy, expressions of the whatever. These expressions may be what is left of me to hold to a light and be viewed by my great great grandchildren, should I be so blessed.

I mean, really, imagine being able to go back and read your great grandmothers journal or some other capture tool of her thoughts. Pretty cool, huh? Well that's what I want to give. Perhaps someone is inspired, encouraged or even at best entertained by my musings. Perhaps my son, or his son will see a new take on a failed venture of mine and succeed. Perhaps. Perhaps. Who even knows?

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