Wednesday, June 16, 2010

what's next (to St. Paul's Baptist Church)

i am not wise to the whys of us
that is not my business
mine is to know
moment by moment whose we are

connections cannot always be defined
with pen
on paper
through time
from memory
by scripture or song

there is a movement that has always been in motion
a message been preached
since before eden
before sun

it is our time now
to ride the whisper of God's grace
share miracles bigger than what we speak

Mother / Father / Creator of all
will breathe words into us
She will grow us wings
He will unfold us into the
strength we already are

the message is bigger than me
brighter than what my ego thinks it needs
greater than you

we are here to breathe
release breath
extend arms
lift him up
to help her on her way

let us dance the words
we cannot pronounce
hum the songs
we do not know
give away
what we think we lack

God will always provide
mother birds have no conversation
for not enough worms
we will grow like the birds
to trust Him more

we are all ways only
riding on the grace of
God's love

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