Monday, July 26, 2010

where we dance

this is me
over here in the dark
the big chair
empty glass
head back
eyes rested

this is me
in the corner
feeling ok

here i am
flying around the world
telling stories
bout monsters and bullies
takin pictures of rainbows and kettle korn
like everythings all good

im right here
sitting wide legged on the floor
guitar strings in my head
upright bass strummin back
i am in tune
to me to us

im here
in our world
this is me making space for you in mine
knowing where i fit in yours

Saturday, July 24, 2010

for your eyes

for me, mostly its in the middle of the night
two three am, like that
when i hear the music
soundtrack only i can hear
visions of mexico city, paris, tokyo
places i dont know well

places i have traveled well
in my dreams, my poetry, other lives i suppose
i am always supposing
dont mind me

i am always writing poetry
only meant for me to understand
and i dont even get it

there was a time i thought i was supposed to
supposed to get it
to understand

i know different now
i am only a messenger
my midnight poems are for you
or you

i am no more relevant to this puzzle
than the paper the message is written on
then passed from desk to desk in third period
second period

the point is not the paper
the point is the passing

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Good morning world

It's about 5:30 and I am enjoying the dark, quiet space here in this room. The space to pray, think, recite poetry, thank God for waking me up. The space to prepare for today. My show is tonight and there is much to be done to be ready. There are the outside chores like hair, makeup, what to wear? what to wear? Big shoes or flats. Dot dot dot. But this morning is dedicated to the inside. Unfolding to what God's will is for the show. Letting God's spirit shine from within me. Creating space to be a vessel for Him/Her/Spirit/Mother/Father.

Before each show I remind myself that I don't know who will be there but that God does. I ask that He direct the show. That He control my tongue/ego/energy. He knows what I need. What the people need. He knows. My job is to connect to the power, unfold to the will, stay open to the directions.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Morning prayer

Thank You, Mother/Father God for waking me up this morning. For breath, peace, ease, grace, Your mercy, Your acceptance, Your blessings. Thank You for the blessing of waking up with family all around. For the sounds of conversations, laughter, life, love. Thank You for divine health and strength, divine guidance, divine love.

Please bless me today to love and to remember to love if I forget. Please bless me with poems and stories and the opportunities to share them and give You credit over and over.

Please bless me to stay focused on You and Your plan for my life. Thank You for guiding me every step. Please bless me to use my ears to hear Your whisper. To see Your light and travel Your way.

Thank You for living and shining Your light in me.