Saturday, July 17, 2010

Good morning world

It's about 5:30 and I am enjoying the dark, quiet space here in this room. The space to pray, think, recite poetry, thank God for waking me up. The space to prepare for today. My show is tonight and there is much to be done to be ready. There are the outside chores like hair, makeup, what to wear? what to wear? Big shoes or flats. Dot dot dot. But this morning is dedicated to the inside. Unfolding to what God's will is for the show. Letting God's spirit shine from within me. Creating space to be a vessel for Him/Her/Spirit/Mother/Father.

Before each show I remind myself that I don't know who will be there but that God does. I ask that He direct the show. That He control my tongue/ego/energy. He knows what I need. What the people need. He knows. My job is to connect to the power, unfold to the will, stay open to the directions.

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