Sunday, August 1, 2010

Red Tea

I performed at George's house a few weeks ago. Shared poetry, stories, life. George is very creative with food, drinks, settings. He had a beautiful and large beverage container filled with water, ice, sliced tomatoes, cucumbers, mint leaves and veggies. Besides being very very good it was soooooooo lovely!

Uraeus had some of the tea and said "because I grew up with a poet I'm used to stuff like this." Then he hugged me and said "Mom, all of your friends who are poets remind me of this red tea." How poetic.

A couple of days later we saw another friend of mine. Sandra Lorraine Coleman. Uraeus whispered to me, "Mom, is she one?"

"One what?"

"A poet?"


"Figured that, 'cause I can sense the red tea on her."

Keep following the red tea.


  1. yes. yes. following...

  2. You know this made me smile. Charisse R. Tucker