Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My dream (lesson) last night

In my dream last night I was sitting outside at a table with maybe two other people. A beautiful parrott flew right to me. I was afraid at first but then became relaxed. The man across from me picked up the parrott and broke its neck. Right in front of me. Easily, as if nothing was wrong. He laid the bird down on the bench and I was horrified. There was no sound. None. I could see mouths move and other motion but couldn't hear anything.

I remember leaving the table and telling everyone I could about the bad man who killed the beautiful bird. That was my mission. I told everyone. Then I ran into someone who told me to follow him. I did and we went to the place where it all happened. The same table, the same day, the same circumstances. I even saw myself sitting there. Everything was the same, except this time there was sound. This time I could see what I didn't see before and hear what I couldn't hear before.

I thought in silence we were having a friendly lunch but as it turned out, the other man sitting next to me, who seemed very kind, was actually threatening the "bird killer" and told him that if he didn't kill the bird right then, then his family would be killed. I could see sorrow in the man's face as he put the bird's head in his hands and saw him cringe as the neck snapped.

I woke up remembering sooo many details about this dream. When this happens to me I know it's a lesson for me to surely remember. A lesson for me, a lesson for all who hear it. It's too easy to walk away and tell everyone what you think you know about a situation. It's too easy to judge. Too easy to lable someone. There is always something we can't see, something we can't hear, something we don't know.

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