Saturday, September 25, 2010


I saw the play VOICES last night at the Wilshire Ebell Theatre. It was an incredible blend of black history, American history, Negro history, our dance, our music, our stories. Yes, Negro. While we don't refer to ourselves as "Negro" the luxories we accept today came from the sacrifices of those who did.

The play is about a young woman writer who travels through time (sent actually by her grandfather). She meets people she has only read about in history books, and some she had never heard of before. "Baby girl" begins her writing journey seeking to tell interesting stories and not those old Negro stories she had heard so many times and had considered boring. No, she was going to tell GRRREEAT stories! After her journey she realizes her calling and is inspired to tell the stories of our ancestors. Stories she thought were boring she finds are rich, awesome and inspiring. Someone has to tell the stories of our past. Go see the play VOICES and see how "Baby girl" becomes excited about doing that.

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